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MintTeaForMe Mon 24-Sep-12 19:29:49

DH and I are thinking of moving the family to Tufnell Park. We've visited the area a number of times now and we can see that it's full of families with small children, nice houses, good schools etc. Which should mean that there's lots of stuff to do with babies, right? Our DS is 10 months at the moment and the one thing I've found really annoying about where we live now is that there are so few drop-ins within walking distance. A quick google search shows there's a local children's centre in Tufnell Park, but not much else. Can this be right? We're looking at a house about 5 mins walk from the station.

I've found the TPPS website which looks great - the thing is DS is looked after by a nanny for four days of the week and it sounds like she wouldn't be welcome to any of their get-togethers. So what I'm wondering is: if anyone reading this lives in Tufnell Park at the moment and has a baby, which classes / drop-ins do you go to regularly?

Thanks in advance......

jar111 Tue 16-Oct-12 12:02:21

Hi MintTeaForMe, there is a parent group that lots of local people join called Tufnell Park Parents Support Group. It is a voluntary group run by and for parents. It has 'teas' each week where parents meet up with their children at people's homes and has a newsletter which has a good listing of things to do in the area and trades people etc http://www.tppsg.org/ It is only cheap to join and worth it if only for the newsletter. I always took my two up to the drop in at Parliament Hill. It is a bit of a walk but lovely for the kids. Hope this helps.

jar111 Tue 16-Oct-12 12:06:04

Sorry, just read the rest of your message and realised you already know about the parent's group. Give them a ring (or email) and ask if your nanny can go along. They are generally very understanding and might make suggestions if the nanny can't go along.

merryberry Tue 16-Oct-12 12:12:19

i'm in the tppsg. plenty of cared-for kids around at their gatherings, totally not an issue, can you say how you got the impression it is not for other carers, will pass onto the committee and gett hem to look at how that impression arose? ta. endless good baby things around in tp, kentish town, archway, camden. baby bounce at the libraries. the utterly awesome baby gym at Talacre down NW5 is worth repeated visits. the one o'clock club at hampstead heath (might be the primose hill one jar111 mentions) is ditto. in the summer, islington's lovely little parks come into their own. many dry days spent doing at least a trio of dalmeny, tufnell park playing fields and foxham. and there are all sorts of privately run small groups going. is a very good area for kids.

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