Antenatal Yoga. Due-October 3rd!

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Leonette Sat 05-May-12 09:10:15

Hello everyone, I am due on October 3rd and was wondering if you could recommend any good antenatal yoga classes around Shoreditch, Highbury & Islington or London Fields area. Thank you in advance! 

Pampoen Sun 13-May-12 10:23:36

Hi Leonette. I've just completed at 7 week course at Islington Yoga ( It is not the standard hatha yoga I have done in the past and the focus is very much on breathing and concentration to prepare for labour. I enjoyed the course and will be signing up for the next course starting on May 31st.

There are several other classes in Islington:

I'd be very interested to hear the thoughts of anyone who has been to these classes.

I'm due on October 7th, and this is my first time!


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