Help the East London Fawcett Group Identify the effects of cuts to childcare tax credits in Islington

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HannahG87 Sun 15-Apr-12 17:14:54

If you want to get in contact with the East London Fawcett Group about any issues you have had with childcare in Islington in light of Government cuts - please get in contact! We are looking for people to act as case studies regarding cuts to tax credits and your experience of Sure Start centers in your area. We are writing a report, which we are hoping to publish in May.


HannahG87 Wed 04-Apr-12 20:15:36

The East London Fawcett Group (the East London branch of the leading campaign for gender equality in the UK) has been asked to conduct a research project to highlight the disproportionate affect government cuts are having on women and other vulnerable groups in Islington. The results will be presented to the government at the House of Commons in Spring 2012.

Government cuts are disproportionately hitting the poorest and most vulnerable members of society - children and young people, disabled people, pensioners and lone parents. We have been commissioned to undertake a study into the impact of government cuts on women in Islington and we need your help!!

The Fawcett Society, along with the TUC and other groups including the Women's Budget Group have highlighted the way in which the cuts will disproportiately affect women across the UK:

* Women are more likely to lose their jobs (65% work in the public sector)
* Women will lose more cuts to benefits (nearly £6bn net revenue to be raised by 2014/15 will be from women, in comparison to just over £2bn from men)
* Women will be hardest hit by cuts to public services (groups due to suffer the greatest reduction in standard of living are lone parents and single pensioners, the majority of whom are women)
* Women are the majority of those providing unpaid care (likely to increase as cuts to social services are made)

We would like hear from parents in Islington about your experience of cuts to child tax credits and Sure Start Centres.

You can email me at :

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