Great Cycle Shop for Buggy Repairs

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CassandraD Wed 14-Mar-12 18:41:16

I had to replace/repair the inner tubes on my buggy and I visited Hadron Cycles on the corner of Hornsey Road and Seven Sisters. ( They were great! They repaired my inner tube for free and ordered more inner tubes of the right size.

They also supply trailers for pulling kids behind your bike (which a paramedic told me was the safest way to transport a child on a bike, as they have rollbars and don't tip if the bike tips) and will attach them to your bike. They even repair bikes, apparently.

Basically, I walk past a lesser cycle shop for the superior service at this place. grin I'm sick of being condescended to by people who think repairing an inner tube is beyond me when in fact it's finding the time to do so while looking after a newly-mobile 6-month old that's beyond me!

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