Pregnant mum groups or coffee mornings in Shoreditch or Islington...?

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Peneloppe Tue 10-Jan-12 15:36:42

I was in Belsize Park the other week and noticed a coffee shop that held mum and bump mornings once a week. Does anyone know of anything like this in the Islington, Shoreditch or City area? I'm 31 weeks pregnant with my first child, am keen to meet other local soon-to-be-mums like myself!

Mrspi Mon 16-Jan-12 10:30:26

If you join NCT (you don't have to do a course, you can just be a member), they do an email list of all the other Islington and Hackney mums to be (usually about 40 of them!) and arrange meet ups before and after the babies are born.
Hope that helps

MRoy7007 Sat 28-Jan-12 11:51:52

Hello there, I'm so pleased this one has been posted as I'm a newly expecting mum- 34 wks who would love to meet up with others in wonderful lslingtonsmile
I know the area well and a coffee cake and chat day would be fab.
You can either contact me directly or we can get a ladies group organised through this thread - the more the merrier. I think we should consider a mixed group of expecting mums, new mums and those already with babes or toddlers . I'll try to get a selection of suitable venues organised which can cater for us but it'll all be dependant on how many join on the day.
I understand that with differing timelines, we'll have to be flexible but the main thing is to get this off the ground and pencil in when we can smile
All the best,

MARoy7007 Thu 02-Feb-12 09:16:17

Hello all,
I've had one person contact so far re: meeting up in Islington. I'll keep this open for a few weeks to see if anyone else would like to meet up too. Thinking about meeting up somewhere near Highbury and Islington station at first and then perhaps discuss some other venues . I've noticed there is also a group in Crouch End which is also a lovely place to visit , so may consider popping along to their meet up groups as they seem quite friendly and organised. I'll defo keep you all posted here so that you can consider popping along too if you'd like to! smile
All the best x

Roll on the summer ..... smile

julesfirsttimer Sun 05-Feb-12 16:12:31

Hi all,
I am based near Highbury and would love to have a get together. Im actually over due at the moment 40 + 3!! So i wont be able to probably join up until after the big event as just waiting around at the mo for something/anything to start happening!
But will definitely keep an eye on thread to meet up as soon as is possible!

Best of luck

tinkerbellmummy Mon 06-Feb-12 17:24:24

I would definitely come to this! I adore my friends, but I would love to meet some new mummy friends.
I'm 27 weeks with our first baby and have had a pretty rough pregnancy.
If anything gets arranged, or if you need any help arranging, email me at
I live in Holloway/Islington xx Angel xx

MARoy7007 Thu 09-Feb-12 23:22:31

Hello there all, hope you're all keeping well, warm and snug esp. in this snow!
It's been rather nippy out there but I'll still keep this open until we get some better weather smile We can all still post comments/ communicate via the site re: best dates for all. As mentioned I'll organise booking a table or a few comfy couches at an easily accessible place for all ..... near transport etc as soon as the weather gets better and the snow clears ;)
I'll still check the site every week and will def post a couple of venue choices nearer the time we've confirmed the day, time and venue .
Keep well and take care ladies !

Ps tinkerbellmummy will def email you as would be gd to get some more involved in co-ordinating smile

Pps Jules - happy to have you along afterwards - fingers crossed for you & best of luck !

DrexiePie Sun 12-Feb-12 08:51:33

Hi there!
I would be interested in meeting other mums to be in local area too especially if it is likely to involve cake!! I'm 20 weeks now so have got a while to

Let me know if you sort something out xx

SonjaK Mon 13-Feb-12 22:39:20

I would love to join as well! I'm 19 weeks pregnant and just moved to Islington one week ago.

Has any of you attended pregnant yoga classes near here? I'm choosing between
- Yoga Therapy London in Elizabeth Garrett College, Risinghill Street, Islington and
- Islington Yoga at 357 City Rd.
If someone wants to join, I would love to go there together.

LBN01 Sat 18-Feb-12 07:52:47

Hi All, hoping I am not too late to join this thread but I would really love to meet other mums to be locally and have recently joined a yoga class to do so too. I am 30 weeks and am on the Islington/Hackney border and would love some decaff coffee and cake so please count me in for your next gathering. Please let me know If I can do anything to help organise this. Looking forward to meeting you all!

LBN01 Sat 18-Feb-12 07:55:58

SonjaK- just seen your post. I go to Pregnancy yoga at the Life Centre on Britannia Row just off Essex Road on a wednesday evening. I have been to three classes and really enjoy them, happy to meet you there if you fancy it.

MARoy7007 Sun 19-Feb-12 14:11:05

Hello all, hope all well with you all smile
Glad to see a few comments now re: meeting up!
Ok - so thoughts on the first place to meet up:-
1) The Cock Tavern is the pub on the corner of Highbury & Islington station on Upper Street.
2) The Hen and Chicken which is opposite and near Highbury Fields.
I think these two venues should be ok for the 1st social as they're both near the station and have ample room.
They also serve pots of coffee / tea (decafs) , hot chocolate, CAKE , and normal pub fair should you feel more peckish !!
There are a few more venue options such as Italian cafe's near Highbury/Upper street which I'll also post details of later so let me know what's gd for all smile
I'll also post the full addresses and a link for all the venues.

SonjaK and LBNO1 - enjoy the yoga smile
Happy for others to help co-ordinate too - more the merrier .....

Take care ladies and hope you've all had a gd week so far !

I'm on double Gaviscon on the rocks at the mo smile

Ps Will send emails round to your other inboxes soon but please let me know if a Saturday or Sunday is best for you all. I'll then pencil in some provisional dates ..... La viva la spring !

SonjaK Sun 19-Feb-12 20:44:26


Thank you for organising the meeting MARoy7007! For me Sunday is better this week. Weekdays would be even more suitable.


DrexiePie Thu 23-Feb-12 16:13:34

Hi there,

Sat or Sunday good for me! Thanks for organising! smile

LBN01 Thu 23-Feb-12 18:13:51

Hi Ladies, Yoga was great thanks, it really helps prevent that crunched feeling! I can't do weekdays (during the day) as I work in Canary Wharf but could do an evening or weekends are ok. I can do Sunday daytime this weekend- happy to meet for brunch or just afternoon coffee and cake. Good luck trying to find a slot to suit us all MARoy7007! Just go with the majoirty and If I can't make it this time I'll try to make it another day. Thanks

MARoy7007 Fri 24-Feb-12 22:47:17

Dear all,
Hope all good at your end !
Been a very eventful week for me so far . I've been advised by my consultants that they'd recommend me for an inducement in the next 2 weeks which will be ahead of term.
I suppose times now caught up with me as I was hoping to get the meet up organised this weekend at The Famous Cock Tavern however that might be impossible for me now as I'll need the next 2 weekends to get the final preparations done for my big D-day!

I can meet up with anyone wanting to meet up this Tuesday 28th Feb at The Famous Cock Tavern after my last ante natal class round 4 or 5/6ish if anyone is up for that ?
Or I can try and organise a meeting for the end of March/beginning of April ? Think it would be great to try our best for this Tuesday in Feb even if only a few attend as at least we can get the ball rolling and perhaps one of you lovely ladies can also help co-ordinate the March social - which we can discuss on Tuesday !

Please let me know ASAP about Tuesday 28th Feb .

I'll post details/links for the addresses of the Tavern and the Hen & Chickens. There is also a place called The Junction near the station which has an outside garden area - will be good for a meet up in the spring and summer which I'll also post as "for information only" for you all. I used to go there a lot in my younger days so will be great to go there again in newer circumstances smile

Sorry for short notice but I'll keep you all posted for sure re: updates on meet ups and my D-day ! I had a slight prob with my cervix hense going ahead of term- however that's another story all together - can chat more on that on Tuesday thou if you need info on cervix , as feel like an expert on that !!

Will send a last minute round Robin email on Monday to double check about Tuesday & if anyone can make it - remember there's no pressure as we've got to go with the flow as they say smile
All the best,
M smile

MARoy7007 Sat 25-Feb-12 00:04:20

As mentioned, the links which have the full address and map directions.
259 Upper Street,
N1 1RU
0207 226 4627.

nappymaestro Sat 25-Feb-12 01:19:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DrexiePie Sat 25-Feb-12 10:21:58


Sorry you've been having crazy time MARoy007. I should be able to pop in depending on timings as I have got pilates class at 6pm. But it is just around the corner so fingers crossed. If I miss it again I might just turn into a bowl full of jelly!!

Thanks and take care smile

MARoy7007 Sat 25-Feb-12 11:27:18

Great Drexie, If I get there for 430/5ish can meet you there, then you can head off to your class at 6.00ish? I'll see if Sonja also can make it so at least they'll be 3 of us to get the ball rolling !

Will be good to finally meet ! Will send you tel no as well later on ....
Keep well all,

julesfirsttimer Sat 25-Feb-12 17:11:20

Hi all, nice to see so many on this post now!
well i had my baby boy, ethan on the 11th just after midnight and hes absolutely gorgeous! Been a manic two weeks as you will all find out in the not too distant future, but im around if you have any questions i can help with, from the other side!

Not sure if ill make 28th as i have a midwife appt same day and takes alot for me to get organised and out at the moment, but will let you know.

Will be nice to all meet up in person, MaRoy keep us updated with your induction.

jules xx

SonjaK Sat 25-Feb-12 23:40:09

Hi, I'm able to join at 4:30. See you soon!

DrexiePie Sun 26-Feb-12 10:32:46

Great! I should be there for 4.30pm unless my midwife appt runs over then I'll be slightly later.

I will just look out for some lovely pregnant ladies & hope it's you guys!


MARoy7007 Sun 26-Feb-12 20:21:05

Hey up ladies - fab, will be there then for 4.30! I'll try to get hold of one of the front tables by the windows. I'll have a m/net sign on the table so hopefully you'll find me !

I'll send Sonya and Drexie an email tomorrow to double check all ok still for Tuesday and anyone else that would like to meet up too smile

I'll prob get something to eat there too ..... looking forward to it !

Jules - well done and congrats m'dear!
Take it easy, keep in contact on site and perhaps see you later on - will be good to have a laugh about experiences so far smile

Take care all. X

MARoy7007 Wed 29-Feb-12 15:49:51

Hello all,

Sonya and l met up on Tuesday which was fab smile Drexie couldnt make this one as had to have some blood tests but hopes to join in for the next one!
We talked about how important it was to try and get a good network group around us esp as new mums, how Islington has so many great things to do and how we'll try and make an effort to get some socials organised during this unique time in our lives !!

Im handing over now to the very capable Sonya, who'll organise something for March/ April. I've said i'll still help out but might have to take it a bit easier in March. Can perhaps help organise something like a picnic at Highbury Fields or a coffee house at Caledonian Rd, Sunday lunch / stroll along the Southbank in May / summer for us.
There's also a free website which lists some great free events that people might be interested in . I can send details of it as well as it includes things like free comedy events (for nights out without the kids or partners/friends), free events for mums and children, free arty things to do ....
Looking forward to new beginings now ..... ;)
All the best, mx

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