Mountain Buggy Swift - to borrow for an hour or so if possible

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JessieV Tue 08-Nov-11 16:48:12

Newbie here and I'm hoping someone lovely living nearish to us (we're in N1, near the border with Hackey) can help out. We were quite interested in a Mountain Buggy when our baby is born in February, but we've now discovered that when unfolded it won't get through the gate in front of our front door (typical conversion problem).
Soo...does anyone have a Mountain Buggy Swift (the compact version) which we might be able to borrow to see if it fits?
We are really struggling because a lot of buggies are just too wide and everyone tells me it's impractical to always fold them down - it's our first so I have no idea. Just looking at the measurements doesn't always give a true picture.
If anyone has any advice re this it would be welcome. All my friends who have children don't live in London, so their experiences & needs are a bit different to mine. I think we need something sturdy for walking about and getting up and down our steps but it also has to be narrow which is hard to find!
I hope I've posted in the right forum - if not please tell me and I'll re-post.
Thanks v much
ps we have a car so can collect and leave a "deposit" or whatever so you know we've not gone off with it!

camflower Wed 01-Feb-12 11:25:08


just browsing and came across your message. did you manage to get your hands on a swift? sounds like we live pretty close to each other so pm me if you're still looking and want a go on mine! i LOVE the swift, it's been perfect in just about every way but my 2.5 year just wants to run everywhere ...

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