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Shazzaroonie Wed 17-Nov-10 21:18:37


I am looking to set up a soft play centre in N1 area as we do not have one locally.

What I would like to know is do you think this is a good idea and if it did open would you go to it and how much would you pay to enter the centre?

Also what else would you like to see in the centre besides soft play? For example, messy play, classes, cafe, etc?

I look forward to hearing your replies.


TheBightyMoosh Thu 18-Nov-10 21:04:35

I replied on your other thread - but this is what i said:

Hi Sharon

I think it would be a fab idea - I use the soft play in the Sobell Centre, but would love to have one in N1 too. I think we pay about £2.50, which seems about ok - I don't think I'd want to pay any more.

I think a cafe is a great idea - my DD certainly gets very thirsty when running around, and I know I would love that time to sit down with a nice cuppa!

I'm not sure about messy play too - I like the idea of the soft play being very contained, so you know where you LOs are all the time - I think if there were other play areas the potential for distraction and wandering off might be too great (IMHO!)

I can't really think of any other ideas - other than yes please and DO IT! I think it's a great idea. N1 is full of yummy mummys, so I'm sure you'd be very popular.


posey Thu 18-Nov-10 21:16:08

Good idea, although my kids are too big now to want one!
The best one I've been to is at the Tallacer (sp?) centre. Clean, well organized and supervised, light and bright, and a good cafe.

Shazzaroonie Thu 18-Nov-10 21:23:50

Thank you HTH and posey for your replies. I have taken your replies on board!

Hopefully fingers cross the soft play centre will open next summer! I will keep you informed.


Firawla Fri 19-Nov-10 23:12:33

yeh i would go. i think messy play etc is good to have if its like a seperate class within your soft play centre, not something they can just wander in and out of as mentioned above. i dont think the baby section of sobell has much in it compared to others ive been in (altho those were much bigger places on the whole) but if you can make a more interesting baby/toddler section i would say it makes mums more likely to go midweek with preschoolers, and i agree a cafe not just a couple of vending machines - but have some decent food some places only serve burgers and not a great selection, something atleast looks slightly healthy & nutricious would be better
looking forward to see it when u open it

Shazzaroonie Sat 20-Nov-10 20:31:21

We are looking to have the messy play in a separate area from the soft play. We are also looking to maybe have a sensory room.

Food wise we are looking into serving pastas, jacket potatoes, sandwiches, organic/low salt children meals, fruits, good coffee, etc.

If you have any other suggestions please do let us know!

Thank you for taking time out to leave a message.


BraveNewWorld Sun 05-Dec-10 23:29:21

All sounds brilliant, though I would say you'll get more customers as the weather turns wet and cold. In the summer there are lots of outdoor spaces to let them loose for free. I used to love Zoomaround and really miss it, only get to take DD (2) to Britannia Leisure centre on a sunday morning when they get a few soft things out for 2 hours. Nowhere for them to really get tired out if it's raining/snowing!

Good luck - I'd be happy to pay £2.50 - 2.99 max.

timetomove Mon 07-Mar-11 21:28:36

Do choose venue carefully. Some lovely women opened a cafe with a soft play area about 6 years ago in n1 (wharf road near the canal). It had been open for less than a year when they lost the lease. I think a lot of the neighbours complained about noise and the landlord claimed they had breached a restriction in the lease and kicked them out. Don't know the precise story though. It had not fully taken off by the time this happened but we really liked it and missed it.They had spent a fortune on equipment

jayddd Wed 27-Jul-11 09:10:11

I would definitely use the facility! I am desperate to find somewhere locally that has soft play and cafe that is clean and well organised. I travel miles at present to get to an excellent soft play centre, and it really is an inconvenience. With regards to price, I would pay up to £5 for unlimited play and £2.50 for 1 1/2 - 2 hours. Keep us posted!!

anth71 Thu 04-Aug-11 09:52:56

I would LOVE such a thing and would use it often, especially in winter months!

RosettaScone Wed 09-May-12 13:48:01

Like most people above...this would be great - the Pirate's Playhouse on Holloway Road is disgusting - dirty and unsafe looking, and since Zoomaround closed there is nothing close that is actually nice!

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