chiswick mumsneters were are you?

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schoolexpert Sun 06-May-12 09:50:15

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nosferatu Wed 06-Oct-10 20:22:49

Hi does anyone go to Starbucks on Turnham Green (the one with a play area). I go there often my DD is 12 months.
Post if you are interested in meeting up

fatheadsgirl Tue 01-Jun-10 09:09:47

Hi all.I have three year old girl. I have just moved to Chiswick and would love to meet up with other mums.

lisaharri Wed 05-May-10 22:08:02

Hi Smeeglemum and Noodlesfor breakfast. I have just moved back to Chiswick and have two girls aged 2 and 9 months.

It would be lovely to meet up with local moms.

rsp Tue 23-Feb-10 18:49:09

hi..there is a bumps and babies playgroup at the vicrage,grove park road@tuesdays 10-11.30..

noodlesforbreakfast Wed 10-Feb-10 13:40:54

Hi smeeglemum, I'll be moving to Chiswick end of next month and also had my second baby recently (end of Jan). I know you're looking to meet up now but happy to connect again when we're finally in the area next month.
Hope the elder one is settling in well with the new addition!

smeeglemum Mon 08-Feb-10 16:08:42


I've just moved to Chiswick and barely know anyone over these parts - have just had my second baby girl a week ago on Monday.

keen to meet up with other mums locally before babies and this weather drive me bonkers!

ruva Mon 21-Jan-08 13:54:09

Here i am braxton hicking and starting this thread- i am 34 weeks gone and can,t wait to meet the lo so would like to start a group where we can meet up,
Go on i dare you, there must be someone tired of maternity leave or their babies company,

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