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HouseMan Mon 10-Feb-14 18:44:59

I would leave prep schools alone and save your money if I were you.

I have two sons at St Paul's and a daughter who was at Latymer with academic and art scholarships.

My daughter did actually go to Orchard House for a couple of years (on a full scholarship), and quite enjoyed being a big fish in a small pond, but academically it was certainly no better than local primary schools - great if you don't want you daughter to see any black faces at school, mind you.

One of my sons went to Colet Court from 7, the other went in at 11 after going to local primaries (Wendell Park then Belmont) - second one had to catch up a bit on French and Latin, but this was pretty straightforward - in other academic subjects no real difference between the "top" boys' prep school in the area and local primaries. And no need for private tutors either, in my opinion - just let your child find her own academic level stress-free: if she happens to be the right sort of child she will pass the entrance exams for the most selective schools without extra tuition, and if not she will be better suited to and happier in less selective ones: there is a place somewhere in the private system for every child whose parents can afford to pay...

saskiaJ7 Sun 11-Aug-13 11:09:08

Hi Rumpleslitskin
I run and know parents at both schools. Falcons is newer than Orchard House (which is a very established school) but have had excellent results. When choosing bear in mind which secondary school you are planning to apply for as each school tends to get their children in to certain schools.

Best of luck

Rumpleslitskin Wed 01-May-13 16:02:51

I am new to the private education system and looking for a prep school for my daughter around chiswick. I am haven't registered her at birth so the choice is restricted. She might have a space at Orchard house or Falcons school for girls. Falcons would be more convenient to us but heard mixed reviews for the girls prep. Does anyone have a personal experience to share or heard about girls who attended either of these schools? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you smile

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