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EIBI Thu 21-Feb-13 14:04:51

Hi all,
Myself and another mum friend both work in the field of early intensive behavioural intervention for children with autism spectrum disorders and other related communication and language disorders. We are both really keen to set up some sort of preschool / nursery setting in the Hounslow area (as this is local!) which could provide this kind of intervention. Ideally it would be attached to a regular nursery where we could do some integration however it may have to be more casually set up in the early days in a local hall! Our aim is to enable more children to access this kind of intervention in the long-term, as many see behavioural intervention as only for those who can afford it sad
We would really like to know if there would be interest in this area before we pursue things further and would love to hear from any mums who could be interested or if anyone has any guidance or suggestions to offer us or would like to get involved smile

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