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anukis Sun 29-Jan-12 22:04:32

Hi everyone, I'm planning on moving to Isleworth soon, with my 3.5yr old daughter (she's due to start reception in September - yes I know regular registration deadline has just passed so I'm going for the in-year admission route).

I'm a single mum and not driving so proximity to school is very important. I'm also working FT so need to be close to either Osterley or the bus that takes me to Chiswick where I work (I believe it's #267). Also would be nice to be close to shops and in a safe area.

Giving all these... now the main questions: considering the priority/catchment areas -- which schools are considered good vs not so good and why? I've already looked at Ofstead reports so I'd really appreciate your opinion. I'm only considering regular schools since we're not church goers.

And, where should I consider renting (I guess the answer would be close to the good schools? smile)?

Any tips are appreciated - I did a bit of walking and some viewings but would love to hear from a local.

Thank you!

anukis Sun 29-Jan-12 22:23:37

forgot to say, I'm interested in hearing especially about these four schools:

Isleworth Town Primary
Marlborough Primary
Smallberry Green Primary
Spring Grove Primary

thank you!

Sarahandmax Sat 17-Mar-12 10:47:11

I can only say what i've heard about each school, as my kids go elsewhere. Isleworth town, marlborough and smallberry are good....not so sure about spring grove, no one really has anything good to say about it! A friend of mine did say that Isleworth town were not very good at supporting her son (learning delays) so she ended up moving him, but everyone else I know who has kids there is very happy.

With regards to accomodation, if you stay near the london road, you can get frequent buses into chiswick, or there's the train station.

I've lived in Isleworth all my life, so if you have anymore questions, ask away smile x

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