Eastcote pinner and harrow primary admissions!help how do i go about it

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kirin79 Sat 20-Jun-15 18:41:06

Hello Mums! I just moved to eastcote and want to know how to apply to schools in the harrow borough as I'm on the Hillingdon side of pinner HA5.
its late i know but we just moved here.my daughter is finishing yr 3.on a website it shows that coteford infant school is near by and cannon lane and others.could i apply for cannonlane, westlodge? and which are other real good primaries?is coteford junior school really good?i really want a very good school for her . She is 8. Will be in yr 4 in September. What's the waiting time like? Can i reject a school they give if i dont want it and wait for her turn to come if I'm put on a waiting list?
Sorry for the typos. Its difficult on a mobile.

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