Young family moving from Munich: seeking advice about nurseries - Pls reply!

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munichmom Sun 19-Oct-14 22:45:09

Dear Mums,

We are a young family of 3 moving to a Hillingdon very soon. Our daughter who is currently 26 months old is currently going to a full time nursery in Munich (08:00-4:00 pm) as both me and my husband are working parents.

As far as I understand our daughter needs to go to a nursery until September next year and then would have to go to a pre-school nursery in September 2015 as she will turn 3 in August 2015. I would like to seek your advice in the following two questions:

Can you please recommend very good nurseries which take children in the middle of the year and have the option of enrolling the child full time or at least until 4 pm ? Any personal experiences would be highly appreciated.

Also I have been told that a few nurseries offer flexi time concept and charge for only those the hours where the child was sent to the nursery. Do any nurseries in Hillingdon offer this?

Lastly are there state funded nurseries for 2-3 year old and what are the chances of getting s slot there as full time working parents?

Your advice and help is HIGHLY appreciated as currently I am a very confused mom!


KitKatChick Tue 28-Oct-14 21:01:50

The world of childcare is quite confusing and costly indeed. I've only had a look at one nursery in Ickenham so can't really recommend any but most good ones do have a waiting list. Also depends where in Hillingdon you are moving to as I'm sure you'd want a fairly local one.

From September 2015 you'll get 15 hours a week of free childcare at a nursery but the rest will be up to you. Before that you only qualify for some free childcare if your family receives certain support payments:

Hope this helps at least a little bit and good luck smile!

Carol77 Sun 30-Nov-14 17:50:52

We are in Ruislip.
We offer Full time chidcare at our Childcare setting in Ruislip HA4 8BG for children aged 6 months plus. And we have just opened our first small nursery in Eastcote HA4 9PG.
See the eastcote one on Facebook...The Cavendish Montessori or see The Ruislip setting at
Both cost about £5 per hour including meals.

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