General opinions on Primary Schools in Ruislip/Eastcote/Pinner

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StickyBuns Mon 21-May-12 13:36:17

Hi, I'm researching local state primary schools for my daughter in Ruislip/Eastcote/Pinner and just wanted to find out if any other mums in the area had any opinions on them. Schools I'm looking at are: Cannon Lane First, Whiteheath, Warrender, Coteford, BWI and Newnham. I'm going to visit for open days but just wondered what the general consensus is. Haven't listed West Lodge as their catchment is so tiny we'd have to build a treehouse and live in the park nearby. Thanks!

rathlin Tue 29-May-12 19:41:05

Hi stickybuns, I'm in Ruislip and have to pull my finger out and start looking at schools too. We are considering St Swithun Wells as we are Catholic but think there is probably low chance of getting in. Others in our area are Deansfield and Field End Road but dont know much about them. Ive heard good things about Cannon Lane but not any of the others.

StickyBuns Wed 30-May-12 13:11:12

Hi Rathlin, Cannon Lane is on my radar too - going to check it out in a few weeks time. Heard that Newnham is also good, again I think I will have a look there too. I checked out St Swithun Wells website - wasn't overly enamoured with their ofsted report though and its a bit far from us. The whole selection process by Hillingdon Council brings me out in a rash as there's no guarantee for a place in the school you really want. Grrr!

tsaMymumdom Sat 02-Jun-12 20:53:50

My three girls all go to CL, and my son starts there in September. This year it will be a 4 form entry, but it is usually a 3 form entry. My girls have all done well academically and the pastoral care has always been good. One of my DD's didn't have the easiest time settling in in Year R and 1 but the school dealt with this well. The junior school has been full of opportunity for my two eldest and I've never regretted sending them there.
You really need to look at where you live and be realistic. I would go for the closest school to you out of Newnham, Coteford, Cannon Lane and Westlodge but the sibling intakes are often quite high for these schools and you need to live within a mile of them to be sure.

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