Anyone in touch with Rachelinscotland?

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FairMidden Wed 17-Jun-09 20:01:01

I've just seen this rachel - what a horrible time you've both had.

So glad he's feeling better and I hope you are on the mend soon too.

PS Haven't had the chance to say it before now - congratulations!

rachelinscotland Wed 17-Jun-09 15:52:11

have now updated the thread - sorry for the lack of information! blush But have only just gotten home from hospital less than 2 hours ago (after spending 3 nights on children's ward with Clement).

flier Wed 17-Jun-09 11:38:20

We had a great holiday, thanks smile

Wallace Wed 17-Jun-09 11:26:24

Thanks flier

I'm fine, how are you?

Did you have a good holiday?

flier Wed 17-Jun-09 07:34:17

I think I have an email for her, I'll email her wallace.
How are you???

Wallace Wed 17-Jun-09 06:46:49

She posted a thread about her baby ds being unwell (here) on Saturday night, and she hasn't been back to say everything is ok.

I'm sure everything is fine and she is just busy, but would like to check - people on the thread are getting a bit worried.


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