Has anyone been to Woolies then?

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Is there anything left? Will I need to take a weapon to defend myself from rioting grannies in the queue? Worth me making the trip?

I heard that, on Thursday or Friday all that was left was pic'n mix shock


Think we'll stay home then grin

well either that or get a pic 'n mix bargain grin

Are you all organised for christmas then?
I'm not shock dcs presents are sorted but still have a few to get sad and food to sort out.

Organised? [snort]

I'm awaiting lots of online shopping!

Are you having an influx of relatives? I'm working until Hogmanay so Christmas will be a quiet affair - we'll sneak to my mum's for dinner and that's it

smile yep, my influx starts this Saturday hmm but we'll get a wee respite between Tuesday and Boxing day, ready for the next onslaught grin. Having christmas day to ourselves for the first time ever, really looking forward to that.

someone was looking for you link something about hob nobs - do you make your own?

Hi, thanks for that - yes, I have been known to make them

They're better (IMhumbleO) than "real" Hobnobs though so I try to ration baking days blush

Christmas on your own can be great - we had it by ourselves 2 years ago (pre-DS). I just invited a fellow on-call colleague for dinner and we had the rest of the day to ourselves. Blissful peace!

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