Anyone intersted in a Letchworth girl with Ds aged 8?!

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Mumofagun Sun 31-May-09 22:51:46

New to Mumsnet, and been in Letchworth 7 years now, but know no-one really. I am a single mum to one, DS aged 8, work full time, parents are in London, brothers and sisters are in HERTS and are a bit useless really. I'm 43, mad, (in a nice way) and want someone to do "things" with!! Ds loves being with other people and I'm not shy in the slightest sense of the word, it's always the "juggling", of work, homework, housework boring boring boring!!! HELP!! I'm very young at heart,(even if I say so myself in looks although I know this is not a flippin' dating site!!)

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