Any pregnant ladies out there?

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Sersi Thu 21-May-09 19:13:04

Hey there,
Doesn't seem to have been much action around here for a while. Where are all the local ladies??
Have recently found out I'm pregnant - doctor already asked me where I want to give birth??? I've no idea. Had my previous 2 DC in different area. Any up to date recommendations?

Haribosmummy Mon 22-Jun-09 19:45:28

Hi there,

I'm pregnant... But only got 5 weeks to go now!

There are two main choices in Berkhamsted - Aylesbury and Watford... I've heard good and bad stories from both, but overall, I think Aylesbury has a better reputation (though the ABC birthing centre is supposed to be good in Watford)

As you have time, why not organise tours of both?

I'm going to London and you can request to go there (or go private) or request to go back to your local area!


Lelasmum Tue 21-Jul-09 20:18:13

Hi there, I'm also pregnant (14 weeks) and am currently scheduled for Aylesbury but with the likelihood of a homebirth (I labour fast!!)

How far are you? Where did you have your other two?

I agree a tour of both would definately be a good idea. I had my last one at Watford and it was all very fast but they were pleasant. I paid for the private ward for the night I stayed in which was nice having my own room and private space for the family but at over £400 a night it can be pretty expensive if you are expecting a longer stay.

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