Which hospital to deliver in?

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choppington Tue 09-Sep-08 15:34:15

Hi Forum

I'm at the stage where I need to decide on my local hospital. I live in Edlesborough and have been given the options of Luton and Dunstable, Watford General, Milton Keynes General and Stoke Mandeville.

The Healthcare Commission website rates Stoke Mandeville the best and the others rather poor.

I'd love any feedback.


LadyG Wed 10-Sep-08 12:06:49

Had a pretty good experience at the Alexandra Birth Centre at Watford (well as good as it gets iykwim)

WriggleJiggle Tue 23-Sep-08 22:50:10

The ABC at Watford was fantastic, highly recommended!

Magic Thu 25-Sep-08 13:52:53

I agree - ABC. As it is a birthing centre and midwife-led, a more natural birth is encouraged. So don't opt for it if you want an epidural and lots of drugs.
However, should you choose it and then need more assistance with the birth the good news is that the ABC is situated within the general maternity unit in Watford hospital.

Good luck!

sillyoldbear2001 Mon 17-Nov-08 18:44:53

You can choose to go anywhere technically - I went to St Thomas' in London - bit of a treck but worth it in my opinion (I'm in Watford) excellent staff and facilities - top rated hospital. 45 min drive (with TENS on, no problem ;-))

beebuzzer Sun 26-Sep-10 10:24:15

I went to Watford general (not ABC) Does not have a great reputation and I sat for about 3 hours after giving birth in a my own yuk before they could find me another bed or I could have a shower!

I heard Luton is quite good as well.

sammiery Wed 24-Aug-11 18:03:14

sorry to say ladies do not go to watford the abc is brill but general labour ward is rubbish im currently suing them and had my son in bedford

CherryBlossom27 Thu 29-Mar-12 17:57:39

I had DS in Watford in the ABC and I would recommend them, my midwife was brilliant as well. When the time comes I'll be back there again. Shame I can't book in my midwife too!

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