London Colney or Colney Heath

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hannah216 Tue 21-Mar-17 14:43:18

Moving into the area from up North and looking for advice on where to focus our search. My daughter is starting reception in September so looking for good primary schools. I have found 2 houses that I really love. One is towards Colney Heath, the catchment primary is Windermere and it is right near Highfields Park and Longacres Park.
The other is on the New House Park estate and looks to be near London Colney, and the catchment school is Samuel Ryder or London Colney Primary. Can anyone offer advice about which area would have most to offer for a young family for schools and for things to do in the area?

MadameElectricChair Tue 18-Apr-17 19:10:36

From the areas you describe they are both in St Albans. I'd choose Samuel Ryder over any of the other schools that you mention but London Colney also has 2 other schools that are worth a look. As far as I am aware most, if not all, primary schools in St Albans and the villages are oversubscribed in every year group so in-year admissions will be difficult. The possible exception being Samuel Ryder, as it's newer and expanding.

SaintAlban Tue 18-Apr-17 19:22:47

Both options sound fine.
School admissions can be very hit and miss and a lot of families were not happy with their allocations this year, for both primary and secondary!

AFAIK more or less all schools in St Albans are now oversubscribed. Having said that, most schools are good.

Invest in Herts school guru membership and check your catchment areas carefully.

I would prefer being closer to Highfields. Great park, shopping, proximity to station, ...

MadameElectricChair Tue 18-Apr-17 23:02:43

Are we thinking of the same Highfields? The one in Hill End/Cell Barnes?

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