Restaurants with play area in Herts/Essex

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ElaineEliLitty Tue 30-Aug-16 17:27:21

Hi all.
I'm stuck for ideas for my youngest's 1st birthday. There are between 13-15 adults and 6 children. That's just direct family!!! We need to keep costs low as money is tight so was thinking of maybe finding a restaurant so people can pay for their dinners but maybe with a play area that kids can be entertained in close to where we will eat. I've asked at local soft play areas and their "party" seating is just for kids and they won't save space for adult seating either 😭

Has anyone got any suggestions of places? Thanks

notquitehuman Tue 30-Aug-16 17:51:43

Which towns in particular? Near me there's The Angels in Hitchin and a Hungry Horse in Gravely which both have indoor play. However there are looooads of herts pubs that have outdoor play areas.

Most soft play parties work out ok because the adults sit in the kids seats while they play, then they're moving around helping the kids with lunch etc. If you book a Sunday afternoon or off peak time then you'll probably have lots of extra seats anyway.

Lalaletchworth Tue 30-Aug-16 17:58:31

I can recommend aadvark soft play hire they hire out soft play equipment perfect for one year olds.

You could hire a church hall and soft play stuff and do a buffet at low cost? Or get people to bring a dish to share. Or could you hire an pub with nice outdoor play area if it's not going to be at a time of year when too cold. The crown at Aston in Stevenage is nice but I'm not too sure of places more towards the Essex border.

happyhorse Tue 30-Aug-16 20:22:58

The Moorhen in Harlow has an indoor soft play.

ElaineEliLitty Tue 30-Aug-16 20:36:11

Moorhen was first thought but they weren't the most helpful. They refuse to let you have a booking for big group downstairs where play area is unless it's a kids party. Adults cant sit with a kids party 😫 We can sit upstairs but then won't be near kids etc.

Her birthday is October so worried weather might be bad and I don't really want to do a party if I can avoid it. Feels like I might end up having to though x

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