Best Soft Play for Birthday Parties

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NotSureYet Sun 07-Aug-16 18:03:12

Has anyone got any suggestions for good soft play birthday party venues in and around Hertfordshire/North London?

Ideally, we're looking for somewhere that will let us bring our own food. I don't really want to fork out for crappy chicken nuggets and chips, etc for twenty odd kids if I don't have to.

ReallyTired Mon 08-Aug-16 01:19:03

I don't know of any soft play places that allow you to bring your own food.

I think your best bet would be to have a gymnastics party rather than soft play. Various gymnastics clubs offer either a structured party (ie. A gym lesson) or an unstructured party. I chose the structured party for dd as it is less work.

Dd has been to several parties at Sapphire Gymnastics Hemel Hempstead. You have to bring your own food. I am sure there must be other gymnastics clubs that offer similar parties.

kubrick Mon 08-Aug-16 15:04:33

Fun Zone in Birchwood, Hatfield. It's a reasonable price to hire the whole soft play area and there are tables for children while you provide your own food.

SaintAlban Mon 08-Aug-16 20:37:11

Harpenden sports centre had a package with bouncy castles, games and a room in which you can serve your own food.

Fun zone in Hatfield, as above. It's huge.

happyhorse Mon 08-Aug-16 20:48:11

Paradise Park soft play lets you bring your own food.

sittinginthesun Mon 08-Aug-16 21:04:29

Some local sports centres (William Penn in Rickmansworth for eg) do soft play type/bouncy castle parties where you bring your own food.

SnookyWookyWooWoo Tue 09-Aug-16 19:18:51

Ryeassic in hoddesdon is fantastic but don't know about your own food. Their food is always nice though to be fair. Don't think they do chicken nuggets etc it's normally sandwiches and stuff. For me it's unrivalled because of the amount of things indoor and outdoor that they have on. It suits a great range of ages.

Have just done my sons party at play barn in Sawbridgeworth and they allowed us to do our own food but we still had to pay a (cheaper) fee per child. Was very very pleased with it and would recommend them. They have a lovely outdoor area if it's nice and a separate party room it's lovely.

Good luck op

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