Bishop's Stortford - Is Northgate Primary as good as everyone says?

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karenukusa Tue 24-May-16 10:46:50


We are house hunting in Bishop's Stortford (BS)and we're targeting the Northwest side of town because we've heard / read such good things about Northgate Primary (we have a 15 month old DS and an almost 3 year old DD). The house prices are considerably higher in the Northwest versus what is available in the rest of BS so I'd love your opinions on whether the Northgate primary school is as good as everyone says it is? Is it worth the higher property prices? hmm

Northgate has great testing results but does this mean that they teach to pass tests rather than teach to children's interests? Is it so focused on academics that the other areas (sports, social skills, playing, sharing, music, drama etc.) are not as valued? Does anyone have children who attend Northgate - do they like it? Are they happy there? Is there bullying?

Can anyone tell me if you know whether these streets are likely to be within the Northgate admissions zone? Pinelands, Whitehall Lane, Lindsey Road, Westfield Rd, Dane Park.
(I have looked at the catchment area and these streets are included, but I'm interested to know about real experiences!)

I welcome all opinions, also if anyone has other neighbourhoods or schools that they suggest in the BS area I'd love to hear that too.

Thanks everyone for your feedback!

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