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Kyleiamaflea Sun 01-May-16 21:27:53


My name is Kyle. My partner and I moved to St. Albans a little while ago. However most of our friends are in London or other areas.

My partner is now pregnant which we are both excited about. However, I worry that after the baby is born when she is on maternity she may be a little isolated as our family are also not local.

I am sure we are not alone in not having a great local network and wondered if anyone had any tips or if there are any groups etc that brings new folk to the town together.

Appreciate any advice that people may be able to give. Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

AhSureIMightAsWell Sun 01-May-16 21:49:48

Hi Kyle

St A is a great city especially if you have small children as there is lots to do.

If your partner is interested in joining the Nct, it's a good way to meet other women who will also have newborns around the same time. The Nct has quite a strong presence in St A.

There is also a Facebook group called St Albans Mums Social Shenanigans for things like park meet ups and nights out. Another group is St Albans Mums which is less geared towards meet ups but still a good way to find out what's happening. The Sure Start Centre and the Children's Centre also run lots of things for new parents like baby massage etc which in reality are little do to with the baby and more about the mum getting out of the house and talking to other grown ups.

Good luck and I wish you lots of happiness here.

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