Moving to Boxmoor/Hemel! Advice please!

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ckosh Wed 17-Feb-16 17:10:30

Hi everyone - new to posting on the site, so forgive any mistakes (I have read the FAQs but you never know!)

After a life of London living, we're moving with our DD (age 2), and 2 doggies to Boxmoor. Purchase has been accepted and we're hoping it will all go smoothly!

We don't really know anyone there, so does anyone have any good advice? Where are the nice places to go with our DD? Anywhere to avoid? Any fun toddler classes? Good/Bad restaurants? etc

We'll be leaving behind our toddler swim lessons and music classes - so hope we can fill the gaps with those!
We're also leaving our reliable and awesome dog walker. Does anyone have any recommendations?

We'll be reasonably near the Blackbirds Pub. Hoping it's not a hell hole! We visited once and it seemed pretty nice. Haven't done a "night visit" though!

Any advice on the area, or hidden gems, dog walks, or offers to hang out with the kids once we move (!)


Newtothevillage Tue 12-Apr-16 13:34:36

Hi ckosh!

I have just seen this. Are you still moving or have you moved? I live in Boxmoor so will be able to help

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