Cleaner in Bushey

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Reiltin Tue 16-Feb-16 14:57:48

Friends of mine have had a new baby & I want to buy them a few hours of a cleaner as a present. (I'm too far away to make them dinners and I want to be useful!) But all the companies I've contacted won't do a small job like that. I'm thinking that a cleaner who works for themselves might be more likely to appreciate a once-off. Does anyone have a cleaner they can recommend, in the Bushey area, who might be interested? Thanks smile

welwynmama Thu 02-Jun-16 22:42:21

Hi. This may well be too late, but just in case...My husband has some cleaning availability. He is a hospital cleaning manager who left the full time managerial role when our second baby was born a couple of years ago. He has some availability at the moment. Website

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