11+ Tutor in Harpenden or St. Albans

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londonkids Thu 28-Jan-16 20:44:18

I am looking for an 11+ tutor in either Harpenden or St. Albans or one that will come to your house. I would also be interested in any part-time or retired teachers or teachers on maternity leave who work at an independent school and might want to do some additional tutoring. It would be great to get a recommendation.

Breadbin9 Fri 29-Jan-16 13:13:25

Hi londonkids

So my husband runs a tutoring company focusing on St A and Harpenden and I know he has a few 11+ tutors (who come to your house). It's his biz so I don't know much detail, but if you're interested his company is called Tutorwise - you'll find the website if you Google for it. His name is Will and you can mention me (Christina) if you do contact him. The first step is a free consultation before you sign up to anything.

Hope that helps. Good luck with it - I know it can be tricky (that's why Will set the business up as it can be so stressful trying to find someone good and reliable).


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