Harpenden/St Albans playgroups

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jjmama123 Wed 13-Jan-16 16:09:47

Hello, Im mum to my 16 month old daughter and looking to make friends for both of us. Currently a full time mum and just moved to Harpenden. I know the area a little bit and trying out various local classes etc but always think its nice to have some mummy mates to call up for a cuppa.
So if anyone is has some free mornings or afternoons with similar aged little ones and wouldn't mind another friend please send me a message.
I have found some groups, esp around this age are a little harder to break into! Its easier with a newborn, every is in the same new boat!

rcrunky Sun 24-Jan-16 21:30:44

Hello there! Just dropping you a message, as am hoping to move to the area myself in a couple of months. Have a 3 year old and a 7.5 month old...xxx

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