Independent Schools, Hitchin / Letchworth - St Francis College, Kingshott or St Christopher School

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sp79uk Sun 08-Nov-15 23:14:10

Hi all,

My wife and I have started researching independent schools for our daughter and will be visiting the above schools over the next couple of weeks.

Would really appreciate any help or insights which would enable us to make a decision.

Hard to say much about our daughter in terms of suitability, she is only 14 months although quote a confident baby and doesn't mind being heard haha! - Early days but we want to register her for a school asap.

We are not a religious family, not sure if that causes any potential issues with St Francis College.

Many thanks in advance.
Will post our thoughts on the visits as soon as we have done them.

LetchworthHamster Tue 17-Nov-15 13:56:08

Hello, Shame to see no responses here. I know I've seen these schools discussed on the main boards in the past, so maybe try there, assuming there's a private school section or similar.

I have no experience of these, have only heard a bit of word of mouth. St Francis is supposed to be excellent. I've heard St Chris' is also v.good but doesn't push quite so hard on academics (not necessarily a bad thing, depends on what the child needs).

KubiksRube Wed 16-Dec-15 18:25:23

Sorry nobody has replied so, hope you see this reply! My DC goes to St Christopher, but the senior school, however did go to a Montesorri nursery school elsewhere in London, and really thrived and this approach to early learning is a very good start to her school life. St Christopher is a really excellent, very well-run school, from my experience, with a really nice atmosphere. Got a friend whose two children went to St Christopher for their entire school lives from nursery and both children loved it and did extremely well. We are not religious either, this was a major concern in choice, and we are pleased with the school's approach to promoting and offering good and kind life values without forcing any particular religion on anyone. Hope this helps for your little one.

Indybindy Thu 31-Dec-15 11:43:05

I took my daughter out of state system ( very good school, but so many children she got completely overlooked and her confidence was zero!) I decided to go to St Christopher's , she loves it! Very small classes and she has so much confidence now! Lovely school,

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