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NewToHitchin Fri 24-Jul-15 13:49:46

Hi.Could you please let me know your views of Stonehill School in Letchworth? We live in Hitchin but have been allocated this school for reception because we were a late application and it's our nearest school with a place. From what I read it doesn't look that good but would be interested to know some views of those who know the school. Thanks.

hertofdarkness Sun 26-Jul-15 16:16:33

I'm afraid I don't know much about Stonehill. But in Hitchin places do come up at the beginning of term if you stay on the waiting lists. I would recommend being on the list for your nearest and a few of the bigger schools to maximize your chances.

StrawberriesInTheSun Sun 26-Jul-15 16:34:11

New I have sent you a pm

StrawberriesInTheSun Sun 26-Jul-15 16:40:05

Here is the latest in year vacancy list:

If you look under Whitwell eg it looks like their year R (school is called St Pauls Walden iirc) has a place.

StrawberriesInTheSun Sun 26-Jul-15 16:40:28

Should have said that they have Hitchin kids at the school

NewToHitchin Mon 27-Jul-15 22:13:00

Thanks for the replies. Strawberries, I've sent you a reply.

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