School run wilbury junior to Icknield infant is timings an issue?

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Shackell5 Thu 09-Jul-15 13:32:21

Hi I'm moving to the area at the end of July and I will be situated on Mullway! I have 3 boys and one will possibly be attending Wilbury and two will be possibly be attending Icknield!

I've gathered information on the start and finishing times

Junior 08.50-3.15
Infant 08.55-3.00

Now the map is giving me mullway -Bedford 10mins
Bedford-archers way 9mins


1. What time does the gate open at Wilbury, and is there is a member of staff on the playground?
2. Parents in same position are you late?
3. Realistically how long do the journeys take considering non driver and added siblings walking?

Really appreciate any feedback as just trying to get a realistic picture of how my morning and afternoons will bear and if it's do able.

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