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SwissMummy000 Sat 04-Jul-15 21:18:08

Hi Mums

I am currently living abroad and have been offered a job back home in UK.

I found a couple of properties that I like in the villages between Royston and Bishops Stortford - I will be commuting to Liverpool Street from either Ware or Bishops Stortford I guess.

I have a 2 year old so although a little early to be thinking Primary Schools, I am wondering how it works re the catchment areas. The schools closest to the properties I like either have bad ofsted ratings or are really small village schools (15 kids in total which is too small for me).

Am I likely to get a place in a school near Ware or Bishops Stortford if I live 20 miles from both? Would like a school en route from my chosen property to whichever station I commute from. If so, any recommendations?

Also would need a nursery placement for the next couple of years. Do the nurseries work on the catchment area basis too? Again, any recommendations?

Sorry for long post- lots to think about when moving abroad with a little one!


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