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1busymum Sun 31-May-15 14:09:47

We have seen a house we like in letchworth ...its on the Lordship Estate which people have said not to live on. The area seemed fine to me (Yardley) can you help and tell me what it is really like please?

Rainbow44 Sun 31-May-15 14:42:11

Hi, we live in Letchworth, the Lordship area of Letchworth is really nice, but the road you mention is actually on the Jackmans estate. ( which is an estate over a busy road from the Lordship estate ). I don't live there, but in Letchworth it doesn't have the best reputation. ( the Jackmans estate)

I guess it depends what part of the Jackmans estate you live on. I'm sure some areas are nicer than others.

Lordship estate and Jackmans are very different.. Lordship consists of privately owned houses and has a fantastic school. Jackmans estate is mainly a council area with some privately owned houses and I don't think the school Has the best reputation.

This is opinion based on what I know from living in Letchworth and knowing the areas, but I don't actually live in either lordship or Jackmans estate so hopefully someone can give you more inside Information...

We love living in Letchworth: )

1busymum Sun 31-May-15 16:40:34

thanks for your reply ...yes i meant Jackmans, the house we saw seemed to be in a nice area, (Yardley) i didn't like some areas further round into the estate...but I'm just not sure we should rule it out as isn't on the Jackmans Estate ?! I was surprised to see that the next road along was an private development with more pricey housing! So thats why i was wondering if its not that bad an area!? I am grateful for any comments as its best to hear from people who know the area rather than Estate Agents and Sellers!

NearAndFar Thu 11-Jun-15 14:57:15

Sorry for a very late reply, but I have lived on Jackmans, in one of the nice bits, and would advise against it. I'd also avoid any of the newer private bits, although you do get a lot of house for your money.

What's your budget, and what do you need (number of bedrooms, parking, garden etc) and I will see if I can suggest anything that isn't Jackmans!

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