Hertford nurseries? Tiny Toes or Montessori?

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Ellis4 Thu 18-Dec-14 20:07:30

Hi does anyone have any experience of the Tiny Toes or the Circle Montessori both of which are in Hertford?

Ssssssshhplease Thu 01-Jan-15 02:25:22

Yes, I have friends who've used both and comments suggested that Montessori was good for older children but care for younger children was much better at TT. Hope this helps.

Lady9Stardust Thu 01-Jan-15 19:23:24

My DS attended Circles in Hertford and I think it is a wonderful nursery. They encourage independence which is important to me as a parent. My DS has just started school where he knew no-one and even the teachers were impressed with how self assured he is.

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