Nellie lost

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peanut25 Tue 02-Dec-14 21:28:19

Hi, my 3 year old son has lost his little toy elephant comforter, it goes everywhere with him and has a big emotional attachment, he went missing when my little boy stayed with his dad's mum for the weekend sat 27th November they visited Tring museum & drove to Berkamstead waitrose when they got to the shop door my little boy said I've lost my Nellie it could be in Tring car park, but most likely to be waitrose, we live in derby and I feel helpless that I can't search for him sad I know I've seen lost toys on lampposts in my area but I can't search for my little boys Nellie he told me he is wishing on a star to find Nellie and when I saw him do this looking out his window tonight it broke my heart, I know there are worst things happening in the world, but as a mum this is my boys world and I can't bring Nellie home, please if any one see's him or has taken him home I'd love get it back to my son, we miss Nellie �� xx

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