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dev21 Tue 30-Sep-14 23:11:18

Hi, we are planning to move to hemel hempstead area. We wanted to find out about the areas we should be avoiding because of lack of good primary schools and neighbourhood. At the same time, are there any areas which are highly recommended? Also how is the public transport (route numbers, frequency, cost) within the town?
Hope to get some inputs.
Many thanks

ReallyTired Mon 20-Oct-14 10:53:39

There is a serious shortage of primary school places in Hemel so choice is a bit of a myth. My daughter's primary is truely awful and I would not want to inflict on the children of my worst enemy.

If you want the best schools then you are best to live in Boxmoor or become Roman Catholic. Berkhamsted has better schools than Hemel if your budget will stretch that far.

I don't use public transport much as I can walk to wherever I need to get to. There are plenty of buses to places like Watford or Berkhamsted though.

OliviaReidyHerts Wed 22-Oct-14 04:05:15

I live in hemel - and my ds is 9 weeks so we have talked about schools

We are catholic and as really tired says they are very good ( saw this week the schools we would out down have good ofsted reports)

Check out ofsted website as that will give u a good idea but it depends where in hemel u live
Otherwise I agree with really tired I don't think much to the schools unless you go at albans berkhamsted but that would be private.

Re buses - look at Arriva website as they cover hemel. I used to live in London and hemel buses are rubbish compared to that but I suppose most suburban buses are. Buses to rail stations and town are every 20 mins from where I live at peak times and I have 2 routes serving me. It is £2.50 to the rail station which is extortionate but it depends where you live

Good luck!

dev21 Wed 22-Oct-14 21:34:46

Hi Really Tired and Olivia ReidyHerts, many thanks for all your inputs. We are looking at properties in areas like Gadebridge and Northridge / Chaulden. Any information for those areas please?

We are not Roman Catholic, so we miss the chance of those schools!! Our son is in year 1 and I am not sure what will the chances be for him getting into a good school in the middle of academic year. We have checked Ofsted reports and also Hertfordshire county council in year admission statistics. It would be really tricky if we are offered the schools which might not have reasonable ofsted rating. As Olivia mentioned, we are also moving from London, and understand that bus service cannot be similar to tfl and we have to accept that.

Thank you once again and we might need some more advice as we proceed with our moving plans.


dev21 Wed 10-Dec-14 14:25:59

Hi, can we get some information about the availability, timings and charges for child minders near Gadebridge area in Hemel Hempstead please? We would really appreciate if we know what are the child minding services available.

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