Child's hairdresser

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EmilyinEngland Tue 23-Sep-14 13:12:30

Hi there,

Can anyone suggest a hairdresser for young children? My little girl is 1 and we need to get her hair cut for the first time, so suggestions of somewhere that have experience with a lot of small children would be great.


Rainbow44 Sat 04-Oct-14 10:18:36

Not sure where you live or how far you would travel, but there is a hairdressers in hitchin called little roots and it is specifically for infants / children x

LilyKate1 Tue 02-Dec-14 13:35:07

Hello, we've been to little roots with my daughter and she loved it. Hope that helps. smile

ReallyTired Tue 02-Dec-14 13:38:00

Which part of hertfordshire are you? You may well find that a mobile hairdresser is better for this age group.

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