wgc ... anyone for a coffee at the howard center??

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frenchy08 Fri 08-Aug-14 14:29:25

hi ladies,
first time mum of a beautiful princess of 4 months, i'm looking for other mums to go for pram walks or for a coffee at the howard center...came in the uk after getting married, i'm new in the country and don't know anyone.
feel free to msg me if you are interested.
we can also go to some activities like nct bumps n babies 2gter..

have a nice day


Karan1982 Tue 12-Aug-14 19:35:20


I will be moving to WGC in the next month or two and am looking to make new friends. I would definitely be up for meeting once I am there. I am nearly 5 months pregnant with my first.

Where did you move from Frenchy?

Karan smile

frenchy08 Wed 13-Aug-14 14:27:23

hey karan,

how r u doing? so happy to c ur msg.. well i've moved from france...it is quite hard to b far from the family n friends.
d'you know what u're having? when is ur due date?
my email is radhi_nair@hotmail.fr , u can email me once u move to wgc.
in which area will u be ?
i'm going to india for the holidays at the end of the month ( my country of origin)n will b back on the 21st sept, so maybe u will have moved at that time ...

take care ;)


Karan1982 Wed 20-Aug-14 10:30:48

Hi Frenchy,

Hope you're well?
Thanks for getting back to me.
Ahh, I can imagine it must be difficult to be far away from family and friends. I'll make a note of your email add and hopefully we will have moved in by the time you are back from India, have a lovely time out there, where abouts will you be going?

My due date is 10th Jan, so enough time to get the house ready for when baby arrives I hope! No, we don't know the sex.

We will be moving near to the pear tree area, have you heard of? What about you?
How are you settling in to WGC?

Lovely to hear from you.

Take Care

Karan x

frenchy08 Thu 21-Aug-14 11:53:35


cool, don't hesitate to write me once you have moved.
oh yes i have heard about the peartree area, i'm more near the qe2 hospital and chequers , maybe it does not sound yet familiar to you..

you have time til the arrival of ur LO, enjoy dear n have rest, i have a good memory of my pregnancy time n especially welcoming my doll ;) ... i guess ur delivery will b at lister.

thank youuu yaaa i will try to relax during our holidays hehe

tc and talk to u soonnn , in person hopefullyyy ;)


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