Parmiter's and Bricket Wood

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JoArtyJo Tue 18-Mar-14 10:24:59

Hi, we currently live in Park Street and are considering a move to Bricket Wood. We have seen a house we like, and it is close to parmiters. I have checked the distance on county website and it is about 1071m away if I remember rightly. Looking at the school website over the last 4 years the furthest place allocated by proximity was between 1200m and 1600m.
The worry is that my kids are only 4 and 1, so lots could change before we need to apply.

Can anyone offer advice on living in bricket wood? And what are the alternative secondary schools like for those that don't go to parmiters?

And any other general advice on parmiters admissions also welcome. Seems crazy we are thinking about this already big don't want to move again in a few years- want to get secondaries right with this move.

Thanks :-)

metoomum Wed 19-Mar-14 18:30:00

Bricket Wood is nice but Parmiters entry seems to get tighter year to year. My guess is that distance might be borderline. Academic scores also rose sharply this year. FWIW last year my ds scored 248 which translated into percentage scores wad 92% maths and 91% Verbal Reasoning. Cut off last year was 246. Cut off this year was 255, so very high marks to be sure.

From Park St and Bricket Wood you would be eligible for Verulam as each Parish has an allocation in the lottery. It's a great school though not to everyones taste! We chose it over Parmiters in the end and our ds is loving it.

newgirl Thu 20-Mar-14 18:56:36

Marlborough is a popular choice from BW.

I think there is an allocation for Stags (girls school) too, but it is tiny and varies each year - I think you could find out more by looking at the Herts School allocation Stags page.

Some BW parents opt for private too - Habs etc. BW parents do seem to tutor for the parmiters entry and this seems to start in year 3-4 such is the popularity of parmiters!

Noappointmentnecessary Sat 05-Apr-14 22:25:27

Your child will have to take and pass an entrance exam. Bricket wood is ok

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