Any Fleetville Infant/Junior School (St Albans) mums out there?

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Katie55 Sun 02-Mar-14 12:04:55


I would be very grateful for your help with information on Fleetville Infant/Junior School. We are planning a move to St Albans with our 4 year old who will be starting Yr1 in Sept 2014. We liked the Fleetville area and the school seemed nice as well. Could you please let me know what has your experience with the school been like - the good and the not so good about it. I know the class size is rather big (30 children) but I understand it is very common. Are the teachers able to effectively address the needs of children with various levels of ability? Is it a nurturing encouraging environment? My DS has made amazing progress in his current school and he is very bright, but we can no longer keep him there - it is private and will involve a lot of financial sacrifice going forward considering we have another little one who is soon to start school as well.

Any information would be much appreciated!

allagory Mon 03-Mar-14 18:47:20

My son has been very happy there. I was a bit concerned that he wasn't learning much in the first couple of years but they are certainly challenging him now and he loves it there. There are some very bright children in the class which really helps him keep interested.

Most of the people I know are very happy with the school. You will find only the unpopular schools round here don't have 30 to a class.

There are advantages to being a bigger school: great range of after school activities. The advantage for bright kids is that from Y4 they stream for Maths which means they don't get held back.
The music provision is amazing. They do a huge range of different subjects, taught in a very interesting way (Kung Fu punctuation was a great hit)

There have been a couple of very shy and sensitive children who have struggled there a little and moved on to private sector. But the teachers do know every child individually and have a good plan for each one of them. There isn't much outside space for the infants, but that is more than compensated for when they get to juniors.

My younger son will be starting there in September maybe I'll see you there.

Katie55 Mon 03-Mar-14 22:24:01

Allagory,thanks so much for your response! Very helpful!! ! It is good to hear your son is happy with the school and is doing well! What is your opinion on the Junior School? Is it just as good?

Also, any information on how difficult it is to get a place would be much appreciated! I understand that catchment area is quite small?

Thank you again!!!

allagory Tue 04-Mar-14 00:01:52

Juniors is great too..lovely teachers, lots of exciting things going on. Catchment is variable. If you want to go into y1 rather than reception you'd need to be near. I'd say there would only be 1 or 2 free places in each yeargroup so you need to be nearer thAn anywhere else (people will stay on the list from other schools to join.) herts school guru is v useful and gas a list of vacancies.
If it is reception it caries but probably is bounded by Clarence rd, sandridge rd,camp field rd , then as far as Beaumont school generally.

Katie55 Wed 05-Mar-14 19:46:22

Thanks a lot Allagory, those are great tips!! Will look into hearts school guru! Fingers crossed will see you there in the fall!

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