Wheathampsted Nurseries: Rainbow House vs Yellow Star

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wrent Tue 11-Feb-14 14:19:51

Hi there
I will be relocating soon to WH with my husband and our two daughters (3yrs and newborn)

I will be returning to work in the summer fulltime and so we have been looking to secure nursery places for the girls.

My husband has been down to see both nurseries in WH i.e. Rainbow House and Yellow Star (which I believe is quite new)
I could not go and see for myself as I was just out of hospital after a c section but my husband seems to prefer Yellow Star as it is more modern and he does not like the look of Rainbow House' building which he says looks like a 'shed'.

I have looked however and the Ofsted report for RH is outstanding and there is a quite huge discrepancy in price at the moment with YS coming out £500 a month more (no sibling discount etc)

My husband as much as I love him has a flair for being distracted and wooed by shiny things i.e. marketing brochures etc and automatically thinks that whatever is most expensive is what is best. I am a bit more frugal in my outlook especially when such a vast amount of our monthly income will go on childcare.

Therefore I wanted to ask your local opinions on both nurseries and in particular what local mums think of Rainbow House and the quality of care and what it provides.

Looking forward to your responses and many thanks in advance.


HeartyHerts Wed 12-Feb-14 14:54:42

Both of my children love(d) RH. My DD is still there and has a fantastic time. They have fab outside space and YS has none. YS wasn't open when we started using nursery but it is a lot more expensive and has no outside space. I have heard good things about it though.

HeartyHerts Wed 12-Feb-14 14:55:49

To be fair they have spent a lot of money on RH modernising things and have shelters so the children can be outside but covered.

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