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MurderOfProse Sun 06-Oct-13 19:17:14

I want to take my daughters (nearly 5, 7 years old) swimming with me after school on a Wednesday, as this is the only practical day we can do it as DS (2) is in nursery that day in Apsley. We live in Hemel Hempstead.

They've had lessons a while (had to stop them for complicated reasons but will do crash courses in the holidays) but are not yet competent swimmers i.e. they need to be in their depth.

I would take them to Sportspace, and did in the summer when the outdoor pool was open. But now it has shut and the only indoor pool there that does not have lessons in at that time is too deep. Even my 7 year old cannot touch the bottom. I have no idea why they thought designing a pool like that was a good idea but whatever hmm

I am reluctant to take them to Aqua Splash as I have heard it is filthy, and they would want to go on the slides instead of practising their swimming.

It looks like Berkhamsted Sportspace has school lessons and is closed on Wednesday afternoons too.

Does anywhere know of anywhere in the area where we could go for a swim, within the DCs' depth, on a Wednesday afternoon? I don't mind travelling a bit, but it can't be too far as we have to get back to Apsley by 6pm to pick DS up from nursery!


DrownedGirl Sat 21-Dec-13 08:11:33

We are members at the holiday inn by the motorway junction, very nice shallow pool. I see you moved to Hemel from se London - snap!

MurderOfProse Thu 27-Feb-14 12:23:54

Thank you, that's great to hear!! Sorry for the delay in reply, I'd clean forgotten I'd posted this and after a few months with no response ;-)

Good to hear it's a shallow pool grin

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