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Avenues Fri 09-Aug-13 20:11:51

A good friend is currently getting divorced and they've sold the family home (sale going though). She needs access to the station and to the M25 (she works full time, sometimes in London) and after house hunting with her today, we've identified Felden as a lovely possibility.

Her children have left home but she entertains a lot and would like a decent sized family house with a large garden.

Felden seems to fit the bill and looks gorgeous.

Can anyone throw any light on what it's like to live there?

MurderOfProse Sun 11-Aug-13 14:06:12

We live very nearby. If we could afford it, we'd probably consider Felden one of our top choices - it is lovely. The only downsides I can see are proximity to the A41 and the railway line (some of the trains really "screech") but if you've already physically checked out the place, she may not see the noise as an issue. And I'm not sure how bad the volume is "deeper" into Felden anyway and there are so many trees that probably helps a bit.

Hemel town centre isn't the nicest town centre ever, but it's functional and not too far to walk (or get the bus) and it's only a short drive to Berkhamsted or St Albans for fancier shops. And the other facilities in Hemel are really good - the Sports Centre with its outdoor heated pool, the Snow Centre with real snow, Climbing Wall etc although obviously she may not find any of those of any use! We do though grin

I've never found the traffic very bad at all, even at rush hour. Getting to the M25 is easy via the A41. Sometimes there are queues getting onto it at the Apsley end due to the traffic lights at the crossroads with London Road/A41 link road but it's not that common. I have no idea whether there are queues in the other direction towards Berkhamsted. I've also never, ever felt unsafe getting off the train late at night either.

I can't comment on what it is like to actually live in Felden itself, what the residents are like etc but am interested in this myself so will be watching this thread!

Avenues Sun 11-Aug-13 23:40:56

MurderofProse - thank you so much for your comprehensive reply. Felden is really beautiful and it seems massively undervalued versus its local peers. She is aware of the traffic noise but did not mention screeching trains (I'll tell her to check that out).

And I agree with you about Hemel proper, it's so useful to have all those things on your doorstep. The transport links are amazing, road and rail (and it's brilliantly placed for Heathrow and Luton airports too!).

I'm so excited for her as it's a lovely place.

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