St Chris Montessori, Letchworth - views??

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StrawberriesInTheSun Tue 27-Aug-13 12:27:34

Outside, thank you so much. My DS is summer born and although I know a year is a long time development-wise I am dreading him sinking without trace in a large loud preschool sad

Outsideinside Tue 27-Aug-13 12:07:58

No direct experience, but friends of friends tell me its great. My DS also wasn't confident in groups, but came out of himself with a childminder, v nice family setting. (Though perhaps he would have anyway). You cannot shut him up now !

StrawberriesInTheSun Wed 14-Aug-13 18:02:22

Bumping - anyone?

StrawberriesInTheSun Thu 08-Aug-13 21:28:02

We are considering this for my son who doesn't cope well in large loud groups. Does anyone have a child there and have any advice at all about it?

All comments positive or negative very gratefully received.

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