thoughts on what it is like to live in letchworth?

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pennyapples Thu 01-Aug-13 13:25:04

I keep reading that Letchworth is a bit weird - is that true?
can't find a property in hitchin - and it seems like a logical change of plan especially as you get more for your money in hitchin...
grateful for advice!
thank you!

mariajayne Thu 08-Aug-13 19:24:56

It is weird- odd mix of nice surroundings and questionable people! Also, no shops, nowhere decent to go out at all and the very well off butting heads with the not so well off. That said, its quiet, pretty and feels safe.

StrawberriesInTheSun Thu 08-Aug-13 21:26:25

I find hitchin weird tbh - would never live there! Letchworth has a lot of arty musical people and lovely green spaces. Check out the beautifully refurbed Howard park. Lots of lovely children's activities and the
Mums are generally v relaxed and friendly.

Check out the fox in Willian for food!

Outsideinside Sat 17-Aug-13 09:41:27

It's pretty friendly, especially if you're coming from
London... Loads of stuff for kids, sports clubs, Howard Park is great, Standalone Farm is a good place to take the kids or meet up with friends. We have an annual ticket which works really well. Schools are mixed-depends on what you want. Some great, others not so -apparently - and some private. The town needs a shot in the arm but will probably improve.... Hopefully! Because town is quiet it's fast and cheap to park. the people are also mixed I find as there is rich & poor together like in many places I guess... But I've never ever found it unfriendly!

olivemegmog Sat 05-Oct-13 23:11:27

I grew up in hitchin and now live in letchworth...residentially I prefer letchworth. It has lovely green spaces..beautiful tree lined roads and the houses are lovely. I prefer hitchin for the town. It has lovely shops and restaurants. I have lived in letchworth for a little while now and have noticed that the town is improving. More interesting, independent shops are appearing especially down the wynd which is a lovely part of the town. Lots of things for kids to do. I find mums very friendly in letchworth.

Cosmosis1 Mon 21-Oct-13 19:59:03

Letchworth is a strange place. It has an interesting history as it was originally designed as a cheap cottages competition and architects came from all over the world to take part in designing the cottages.

There are some lovely 1929's houses however there are also four large council estates which are black spots for deprivation in Hertfordshire. The schools in these areas are all in special measures or in need of improvement.

This is in my opinion what ruins letchworth. The town is not very attractive, the Hoggs Head pub in the town is full of men who don't work drinking outside all day and all the nice shops apart from pound shops have closed down.

Most of the people who walk around the town looks as though they are on benefits, I know I sound snobby but it is true. It is a shame as it has the potential to be nice as there are some lovely houses but all the people who live in them go to Hitchin.

Spend your money in Hitchin, it's beautiful, cobbles streets, Tudor and Georgian buildings, full of independent boutiques and lovely restaurants. There is a real cafe culture and all apart from one of the primary schools are outstanding.

House prices are expensive in Hitchin especially since it was voted 9th best place to live in the country by the times and there are never many houses for sale but it's work holding out for Hitchin. You can't even compare it to Letchworth.

olivemegmog Tue 22-Oct-13 10:58:21

I do agree to an extent with cosmosis1, hitchin is a lovely place to live..the town is great and letchworth can't live up to this as the town is a little depressing. However letchworth is improving..yes you do get people who walk round the town who are on benefits but I have seen this everywhere. It would appear in letchworth that people are either end of the spectrum...very well off or very poor. On the south side of the town is the lordship area which is a bit bland from a housing point of view but is a nice area. On the same side of the town is a large council estate which is not so nice. I have never been there so I can't comment but I prob wouldn't want to walk on my own at night! On the north side is a large council estate called the grange where there are 3 schools, 2 of them are linked [ infant and junior ). This is also a council area but a lot of the houses are also privately owned. From a school point of view there are 3 outstanding schools in hitchin which are v oversubscribed and the rest are rated as good. 1 school is satisfactory and 1 is in special measures. The senior schools in hitchin are all great in my view. I went to hitchin girls and it was great..still good apparently. In letchworth there are no schools in special measures but quite a few are satisfactory and some are good. 2 main state secondaries in letchworth. 1 very good highfield and one getting better..fearnhill.

olivemegmog Tue 22-Oct-13 11:21:47

Also to add...I don't think letchworth is any way unattractive. Beautiful green spaces, lots of gorgeous trees. Beautiful architecture in the town and residentially.

Rainbow44 Sun 09-Nov-14 06:40:43

I just wanted to put my opinion across on this thread..( albeit it's quite an old thread ).

Letchworth is a fantastic place to live and bring up children. I have found the schools to be excellent. There are council areas in letchworth but to call them black spots and areas of deprivation..that's very harsh and rude. Most of the council areas in letchworth are full of people who have bought their houses and they are privately owned now as they are good quality housing. They contain people who often work very hard and contribute to the town.

I find it ridiculous that the town is unattractive..letchworth is beautiful. Lovely architecture. We have a gorgeous Art Deco cinema in the town.

We have a great splash park which is the hub of the town for families in the summer and the town has lots going on with festivals also has a great musical and arts scene.

The town itself is not overrun by 'people on benefits,'and the quote that all the people who live in the bigger houses use hitchin and not letchworth is utter nonsense. I live in a beautiful typically letchworth house and use letchworth as a town all the time.

I love hitchin also. Beautiful market town with lots of positive points. The point about ' you can't compare hitchin to letchworth'.in my view this is true they are 2 very different towns in close proximity but I believe letchworth is in no way at a disadvantage here.

I think people are entitled to their opinions..obviously..but I read this thread with sadness that someone could be so rude about such a beautiful town.

Rainbow44 Sun 09-Nov-14 06:47:08

Just to add...I don't place too much value on ofsted reports with regards to schools. I find them helpful to a point, but I think schools are often much more than 'an ofsted report'.

If we are focusing on ofsted then most of the schools in letchworth are very good ofsted wise and they all work hard to give letchworth children a good education.

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