Hertfordshire is Local Site of the Week – answers to these questions please?

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EdMumsnet Mon 10-Jun-13 11:19:06

Hertfordshire is up next for our 'Site of the Week' feature series on the main Mumsnet site. We'll be asking the Hertfordshire Editor some questions but we'd also like to canvas your opinions to add some wit and wisdom to the feature, so answers to the following questions please??

What's your favourite thing about the area?

... and - confession time - your least favourite?

Which is the best child-friendly cafe? [name more than one if you like, and say why they're good]

... and the best place to go if you want a child-free night out?

Best outside space?

Favourite hidden gem?

Best free visitor attraction?

Most popular primary and secondary schools?

And finally ... come on, tempt us. Why should we move there?

AnnMumsnet Tue 11-Jun-13 14:53:59

I am in Herts....
I like the green spaces yet so close to London.
I dislike that you often have to drive places eg cinema

Marcanatos in Hoddesdon is v family friendly - always a big welcome for kids and good for regular nights out too.

Child free night out: pubs!!! Or curry I guess.

Best outside space: lea Valley Park - miles n miles of it

Fav hidden gem: Sculpture trail in Broxbourne Woods Or we also like Knebworth and Willows Farm. Duxford also good (but possibly in Cambridgeshire)

Best free: DK - see woods above.

Move here because it's 30 mins to the City yet we are in the country (well not the whole county) but I am and schools are good!

HTH AnnMumsnet

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