New Knitting/Stitching/Sewing Group for mums

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KnitStitchSew Thu 02-May-13 14:26:42

Hi, On Wednesday 8th May from 10.30am-12.30 a new group called Knit, Stitch & Sew will start at Holy Saviour Church Hall on Radcliffe Road in Hitchin. The idea of the group is simply an opportunity to work on your own knitting, stitching or sewing project in a social setting while enjoying a cup of tea and a biscuit. The group is only suitable for adults therefore it is not possible to bring children along. It will only cost you £2 towards the tea fund and hall hire.
The group will meet every Wednesday apart from the last of the month. If this sort of thing interests you but the day/time is not convenient, please let me know as I would think about setting up an evening group if there was enough interest.

OliviaMumsnetHerts Thu 02-May-13 15:34:47

Hi KnitStitchSew
this sounds brilliant - have you added to our listings? they're ^^ up there

KnitStitchSew Thu 02-May-13 21:38:29

Thank you Olivia, I've now added it to the listings.

Sandarita Mon 31-Mar-14 15:00:00

I like knitting, crotcheting, so I probably come from September, when my litlle one go to School.

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