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OliviaMumsnetHerts Thu 02-May-13 10:29:35

Hi Upsticks - do make sure to keep coming back, we're sure there are other things we can help you with
Moving is so stressful

UpstickstoHitchin Mon 29-Apr-13 18:39:57

Oh right, that's completely different to here then! Ok well at least I haven't missed the boat on applications then and can apply next year when we have actually moved! Thanks

CrossPantsQuoted Thu 25-Apr-13 09:49:02

Hi Upsticks. I think that you will find that the school pre schools tend to run for the academic year prior to starting school so your daughter would be starting in September 2014.

There are playgroups and private nurseries that will offer a place so that you can use your funding. Also there are a few private nurseries where you can get space although the good ones have quite long waiting lists.. HTH

UpstickstoHitchin Tue 23-Apr-13 20:46:43

Hi everyone,

We are planning a move to Hitchin at the end of this year/early next year with our DD and soon to arrive DC2. Our DD will be 3 in December so will be due to start her 15 hour funded nursery place in January 2014.

Problem we have is this: to apply for a school nursery place we need an address that's quite close to the nursery, which we obviously don't have currently. I know nursery admissions are closed now anyway but didn't see the point in applying when we had no chance of getting in. So I'm thinking that our options are either to apply when we have an address and hope that one of the school nurseries have a place, or to apply for a private nursery place initially, and apply for a school place for the following september (she will have another full year at nursery before she is due to start reception). I have no idea about private nursery admissions but I am assuming that it does not matter if you are local for them to accept you, can anyone tell me if this is correct? Or if they are over-subscribed do they also allocate places based on distance?

Finally, where I currently live all of the primary schools have nursery classes but I have noticed that is not the case in Hertfordshire, does this mean that there is a lot of competition for the places their are, or is it more common to use the funding for private nurseries? I have the preconception that school nurseries are structured more like actual school, and thus a nice stepping stone for them, where as private nurseries wouldn't be, but I would really love someone to tell me they are practically the same so that I don't have to feel bad about sending her to a private nursery if I can't get her into a school one!

Sorry it's long! I'm sure many of you appreciate the million and one questions that run around your head when you are planning a big move! Any help is greatly appreciated

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