Moving from London to Bishop's!

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sikanetter Thu 28-Feb-13 16:05:57

Hi there

I'm a mum of two and we currently live in south west London. We've been looking for a house in this area for a while and we realised that we are never going to find a house we like and so we've decided to start looking for houses outside of London.

Whilst looking at various places, I have come across Bishop's Stortford. From first impressions the town and it's surroundings look nice but it's completely different to London i.e. quieter, not a lot of people around (compared to London), less shops and restaurants and well it's just a different life style completely. We're finding it very difficult to take the plunge and leave the London life behind us. DH works near Liverpool St station so from a commuting point of view, BS would be good for him. Also prior to having children I used to work in London and would like to go back to work when the kids start school.

Are there any mums out there who have moved from London to BS? If so how have you found it? Also any mums who live in BS and work in London? How do you cope with commuting and taking kids to school and family life in general? I would really appreciate your opinions/comments.

Looking forward to your reading your posts.

sikanetter Thu 28-Feb-13 22:02:05

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