Asperger Support - Your Views needed please

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Veggiegirl1 Thu 11-Apr-13 11:19:32

A lot of the groups for children with ASD and AS seem to be on the other side of the county. Social groups and activities in this area would be good.

I have a child with high functioning ASD who is 6 and we are often very isolated especially in the holidays and not getting out doesn't help his social skills.

aspergersupport Sat 23-Feb-13 11:33:15


I am looking to start an Asperger support group in the Harpenden / St Albans area and am interested in any views, any comments, anything that you would like to find in Hertfordshire. Do you think the coffee morning / social group is helpful? Would you like to see more talks? More activities?
personally, with a daughter of 16+ I think we lack life skills / employability skills, confidence building facilities and would like to see workshops in our area.. What do you think?

I am not looking to replicate any of the support groups that are already running in our area, I am hoping to provide a service to our young people that is currently missing from Hertfordshire, if there is a need.

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